Año de formación


País de origen

Oh what a gal!
She seems such a perfect victim:
This I can tell, for if beauty by guilt,
she´s guilty

I´d not wish to frighten her or hurt her,
But such beauty inspires one
to give the gift of murder

She´s the kind of girl you want to
run up and tackle through a window some floors up
and spatter you both to hell

Come and get it;
your stuffed bunny´s at the window,
But not that far out...
Reach little one! Reach!...

Tantalized a child is want to
take a ill-considered
course of action; such is life:
is experience not bitter?

Leaning too far
out the open attic casement window,
baby plummets
to a messy death not so far below

Rend your flesh to ribbons
on shards of broken glass,
fading screams and abruptly:

O most luscious cenobite,
you wield your whip
as though it were another appendage;
Favor me with pleasure-pain,
rip me with your claws
Chew me with your saw-toothed cunt

Dead eyes alive with darkness to match their sockets,
they blaze with unmatched cruelty
Leave those long thorns embedded in your scalp,
They look stuck in far enough to hurt

Hell´s polyhedron has blessed you
Your peerless beauty drips of sin
In this time of configuration,
blessed order shall prevail
Two sides to the war on flesh
Leviathan, who can´t smile, beams

Encased in leather as it is,
I can´t drink from your neck
It shall remain its soft, cold, blue-white:
I´ll bind your pround breasts with barbed wire
I wish to partake of their nectar... Is it pus?

I might breach your zippers
and open your face
I might gag you with an urchin
I long to hear a quiet sight escape
your lovely lips as I bite your fettered, smooth thighs

Love subverted, lust perverted
Bitch-goddess Abigor´s pretty face
can mask her suffering
Make you worship both her and her needles

Subjugate it, perforate it,
flesh reordered isflesh of use
I now rededicate my life
to what Abigor has shown me
I´ve learned to control my thoughts
ever since I recognized the first eavesdropper:
those who listen in on my thoughts,
my logic, my sanity

I cannot let them know I don´t know
the verses, or converse in my head:
lash out at future foes,
banter with friends I´ve not yet met

The psychoaggressive minions of
your lord mock with laugher I can´t hear,
with hidden scowls they admonish me

Nothing´s sacred, Nothing´s safe:
your filthy god is omnipresent,
this undying nonentity that haunts
my every waking dream

They watch me, his mortal flock,
they know me now by sight alone:
my thoughts are too well concealed...
Yet I sense more scrutiny

Fleeting lucidity´s too loud for me,
let me be my silent self:
our existences irreconciled

Make them stop! I´m rotting fast...
The answer, painful though it may be,
is change

Alter my outer shell...
The listener´s may not, then, know it´s me
Open Face Surgery: short of pain
and long on masquerade
Ounce by ounce, lose a little weight
nip here, tuck there... So who needs eyelids?
Something´s come over me... I can´t bear to see you live
Between lies, between sins that bespeak iniquity

I just want to hold your pretty hand
The rest of you can be dissolved in acid
I just want to hold your pretty hand

Purified of their sins, fornicators will be purged
Breath of god: wind of change
I ride, (and) you will meet your death... whore

I just want to hold your pretty hand
The rest of you can be dissolved in acid
You´ve payed for this death with all your sin. Die.
You´re not emoting:
one of us will have to dig deeper;
These are my cheek nails:
Penetration, though unclean,
can make you bleed
in so many interesting ways;
I rend your flesh and caress your fears
as you weep

Human tragedy...
Let this be a lesson to you, it´s symbolic
Let this dirt define your grave

ornament of dandling flesh;
Why do you vomit?
You should have seen the last one I did:
I chewed it to a paste and spit it out
when I was done, yet the gummy taste
of anus still smothers my tongue

Girth control, to me, is considered an art;
Fat´s fully excised as I tear you apart;
my maleficence is as deep aas it can get:
I derive enjoyment from cruel torture
and messy death

I tear your legs from their sockets
to ease my pilfering of your pockets
Better for you if you´d been born headless
Blame your mother you weren´t born headless

Now that it´s over, you´ll be remembered,
but not missed, swathed in cerements
to keep in the precious cold

I turn and pass away in violence an gunfire;
the earth soaks up my brain...
I see myself as I´ve been

I see myself
Man-made doom bled death from the sky;
to all but a few, salvation was denied
Heavenly father, son and holy ghost,
save your servants (those of us who aren´t toast)

The not-yet-dead discovered that to be
a nuclear family means a whole new thing;
All-too-trusting shambling pseudomorphs
put their trust in a man of the cloth

Make them hate you, rotting cleric...
Remember, you are pu of my loins, you are pus

Give voice to your left side, let me in:
I´ve sawn the seeds of your redemption;
In subhumanicide, I am your guide:
seventy-seven times make them die

The sun is shining on a brand new day
Blackened corpses smolder where they slain;
Self-flagellation prompts him to confess:
Bless me father, for I made this mess

Immolation meant to purify sin wracked souls
Let diseased bodies die; survivors twice lost:
Betrayed in fire, by the Swine of the Cross
Ungentle exhumation
Must be thorough, remove it all
Catalogue every part,
Then rape them and eat them

How dare them bury
what should be mine
My dead companions
on which I dine

Penetrate the dead hole
Please, O lord, just let it smell
and let mankind´s puniverse
be befouled just for me

My graveside manner
lacks no finesse
These ravaged bodies
betray no distress

As I tear apart the dead things
I annoint them with my seed
and gain new insights into death
with their consumption
Yet I wonder,
What if I were something dead?

Somewhere there´s a graveyard of ghouls
with a massive headstone
that waits just for me;
Maybe someday
Someone will come
I awake remembering
nothing the next day,
my nostrils assailed
by the stench of decay
Dreams of dismemberment,
fantasies of torture
Mopping up affords me a
reminiscense of death;
Gooey bits and pieces
are all that is left

Stench of rot: uplifting smell
Someone´s dead or at least unwell;
What little is left smells impure;
Who did this? I´m not sure

No conscience interferes with
my memories of blood;
PSI energy remains
where a human once stood;
I equate its suffering with
the longevity of a ghost
Who lasts the longest
is who suffered the most
Abobinated, tiny god of mine
Overseeing my rest, my lust, my life

Torched in hatred
Loved in Horror sublime
Almost formless
Darkened, and yet you shine

You made me in your image
I deformed yours into mine
Now we´re even, O loving god
Equals in my melting eyes

Mutant christ, loving christ
Know me with thine naked eyes
Holy christ, one tenth the size
So unlike the other christs

God-made man (with)
man-made god to adore
My faith has been restored

Gaze upon me
Bless me, lord, or die
I´ll find another little lord to fry

You baked me in this image
so I burned yours into mine
Eye for eye and tooth for tooth
I love you now, O twisted christ

Mutant Christ
Who is this Geoffrey?
All I see is this cold cadaver
Why is this Geoffrey
lying in puddles of pus on a gurney?
Tell me of this Geoffrey,
this boy with a noose around his neck;
More about Geoffrey:
why is he wearing his mother´s bra?

How old was Geoffrey?
At a guess, I´d say
about twelve or thirteen;
He died accidentally
from auto-erotic asphyxiation;
He´d been masturbating...
our little stiff still has one on
and it´s been one week!

The resurrection men
took their sweet time
Cross-dressed fruit:
what a way to die!
Now he´s ours:
the apple of our eve;

Fetch the dead sphincter:
cold green meat
How did his ass taste?
Tender and sweet...

And then we fucked it...
Capricornus Rex in tenebris
I long to feel the dark caress
Of your cloven hooves;
I seek the loving warmth of your anus
As I place my worshipful
Lips about your teats.

We hate, and so we gather
By the light of the moon;
The art of veneficium...
This we learned from you...
To make them grieve in their lord,
Their redeemer in flames
Fanned by the scorn of the children
Who now curse his name.

Sire of sin,
You embody me
To you we congregate;
None so vile,
Your magnificent
Crown of horns
Inspires deeds maleficent.

Destroy the parasite [x3],
Destroy Jesus Christ.

They´ll crawl in their perdition,
The righteous will be lost
Where gutted angels lie fucked...
Beneath the feunral cross;
We´ll dig them a mass grave soon,
And bring to their knees
Those who would have rescinded
The laws of disease.

"The children have turned",
The cherubs wail,
As anticross triumphs
Where the cross has failed.

Hell-spawned majesty, we eagerly
Await the advent of the
Next millennium
When you will return with a swarm from
Beyond to claim your carnal
Lost dominion.
Pardon, please, the narrow
Confinement of your limbs;
Unfortunately, it�s necessary
For your correction;
Shriek to your heart�s
Content, if you wish;
I promise you pain and
Nightmares, in that sequence.

Permit me to introduce you to
I favor her, this pretty blade
So tall and fine;
Hatred and violence are not
Our ways, but firm we are;
Squirming is useless, so is this
Colon, cry for me.

Svelte is implement,
Its gentle caress lets you Bleed;
its subtle curvature
Dancing, deeply slit your guts.

It�s for your own good;
You need guidance, I provide;
What is your pleasure? This is
Mine; A welcome change!
Sextons of the churchyard
Have seen unblessed things;
Ground no longer hallowed
Has sprouted new graves.

Descendants of clan
That unsurped maternity
hear whispers in their blood;
This summons of the Fathers.

Adherence to the principle
Of "man by woman born"...
Anachronistic ritual
Soon to be obsolete.

"Forgive me Father
For I know not what I do;
My grave beckons
As irresistable as drawing breath."

Nature abhors a vacuum,
The same is true to a tomb...
It cannot be empty.
A barren womb of plenty...
A vacant grave must be filled.
For this the Fathers� will,
Material birth be abjure,
A mother�s cunt is unpure.

Sired in blasphemy,
In nocturnal obeisance to rotted hearts
Filled with necrolatry
Reverse the life cycle be reborn through Death.

"Forgive me Father
For I know not what I do;
I leave a void to fill one,
Hear my prayers from far below."
Matriarchal piety disturbed at their
Sisterly society feels the stifling whispers...
Anger of the dead-at-sea denied proper
Dumped overboard summarily, washed down
In a current.

Sepulchral consideration...
Wrathful omen...
Dog removed from the casket,
Dead and dripping.

First stage of disintegration... Piecemeal
Of the indignant deceased, submerged for
What reason?
Parchedness of living throats and mouths
Has cracked some tongues
But attempts to slake their thirst (only)
Leads to soaking lungs.

Hearts are heavy, minds are numb, souls
Supernatural siege upon the landlocked
Baptism in netherfluids In their crypts,
(but) Suffocating dryness in the catacombs.

Mad at thirst, they dry
To draw sustenance
From a burial mound;
Necrophagous fails,
Aridity ends lives,
More wet corpses found.

Watery warfare, and in its mist,
The forsaken
Who cry for them, the bridges of
The flaccid god.

Intone a funeral rosary...
Blessed morbid murmur
To hopefully placate the dead and
End the curse of moisture.
An ominous disembowelment...
The soothslayer is blinded, such is fate;
Abomination to damn the eyes...
For the righteous, a test of faith.

"We thank thee lord, for this tribulation,
We sing thy praises without end;
No matter how rabid the oppressor,
We shall not fail thee, though we pray for

Ensnared in the web of the unjesus,
The once-sacrosanct abbey is
With the braying of the
Benedictine friars convulse.

Infernal visions flay their souls
As their bodies contort and writhe...
Capricornus nocturnum haunts them,
From their torment springs its delight.

Impaled on one of its many legs,
A bug-eyed Mary gapes on in horror
As her only son is chewed to bits
By spiderchrist... She is flecked with gore.

Caprine morturion leads the bones
Of their departed brethren
In the abbey�s catacombs;
When gargoyles vomit blood,
The defunct will ascend
To rend the mortal flesh
Of the brothers of the good word,
And make victims of their guts.

Those who are left,
Of god bereft
Run amongst heads
Suspended by threads.

Crosses up-ended
And frenzied blooshed
For those who sought favour
From their saviour.

"I am messiah"
The grand delusion
To hell-wracked things,
In the kitchen
With a screaming triple amputee...
Its completion depends solely
On my needs...
Said amputee´s stumps
Are my way of saying... "Thank you
Just for being you."
Its fear tastes better than its limbs.

Terror of morality
I draw from the slowly dying damned
Monsters live behind my eyes;
I let them out and people die.
And all the grave worms
That come for their piece of meat?
I give them dead things..
The wretched living are mine alone

Fright mounts with the body count
To which anthropomancy predicts a decline
In all of God´s creation,
Can there be a lifestyle that´s better than this?

I mark my territory
With their blood and excritement
And adipocere...
I can find my way in the dark;
My fulfilment is habitually necromanic
And anal abusive..
Seen through the eyes of a mortician

They´ve "caught" me, as they call it;
My teeth and my semen have betrayed me..
Tests to gauge my rationale,
The likes of which these feeble minds have
Never seen.

Rorschach blotters,
My responses to which inspire fear...
From my lizard side,
The amoral alien speaks;
"These aren´t butterflies,
I see a face I´d like to burn."

Of the authorities with lies,
And my natur
Alability to charm and be me,
Or whoever they want;
I´ve known all minds by divine right.
Our lady of seven sorrows,
Mother of mourning, precious lich...

A white horse found your grave,
Then it was beheaded.
The funeral goat´s semen
Annoints your resting place.

Far below, the state you´re in replenishes
My well of loss
As things from beyond watch as you rot
Beneath me.
Wretchedly, I pine as I begin at once to claw
The earth
To free you from the worms, to free you
From damnation.

The stake in your bosom pains me too...

Wistfully, I gaze into those empty holes
Which once were eyes
That beheld so much blood, that beheld so
Much evil...
Cyanotic lips caress the cold grey face of
One interred
Whose flesh is much too frail, whose flesh
Begins to quiver.

Mistress of my flesh,
Your servant longs for your kiss,
To hold you once again,
All pretty with blood...

Now shall all of heaven weep.
You have sinned.
You will die...
You will be absorbed.

No more god,
Safe at last...
Embrace the abyss.

The dark is warm,
Welcome to the fold.

Close your soul,
Turn your heart,

Let us prey
On the weak.
Feed the dark
With their flesh;
Orgiastic disembowelment.

Wretched birth,
Cursed by life,
Now the way is shown.

Skyclad flagellants.

Bask in the
Caresses of the scourge.

There is no
Sacrifice too great.

Let us prey...

"I am filth,
Born of shit,
And I am
Beloved of flies."

In the eyes of all that is holy,
We know who and what you are...
We´ve learned your name, we know your

Your only designs on the living
Are to oppress and possess;
To make them cry, to make them die.

"As I arose,
Heaven wept,
For I am
Beloved of flies."

Moonlight bloodbath...
The gore runs as black
As their unclean hearts;
Goat cult rite.

Gore-soaked virgin,
In bleeding frenzy,
Parts with her maker
Amidst weeping spirits.
Battle through with
Expertise and strength
Friendly fire, napalmed
Burning, blackened blood
Jesus lovers renege on
Promises of removal

Nobody there ever had a reason to kill
All we had was an obligation to live
When that reason becomes unobtainable
Survival is useless, we´re unable

Den of disease, uncommon thieves
Thievery of a most devious kind
Of body and soul

Act as a marionette
Yellow puppetmaster´s strings strangehold
Horrific tales untold, malarial chills unfold
From anopheles mosquitos relentless offensive

Prisoned, immoval veal
Tenderized husk of skin and bones
Fed fecal scraps that dogs won´t even eat
Malnutrition amongst our people

So make way for the cage
A dishonorable stage

Where blood flood flows
Filth rats feast in swarms
Lifeforce warms
Their strychnine stomachs

Weaker than God
Paler than snow
Wilder than any animal knows
Fully understanding
No means for escape
Idealize the Star Spangled Banner rape
In a state
Of psychosis
Emaciate, emaciate

Blurry vision
Through sunken eyes
Pulsate drop
Idle heart stop
Thoughts becoming numb
Witness the final words i´ve spoken
Late last night at rest with my mate
I´m visited by a victim of hate
A spectoral group, yet they´re one and the same
They would never live
Nor would they have a name
A baby too young to walk or to talk
Rocked to sleep with a big, heavy rock
Becomes a tot with a baleful glare
Sucked from life by a shortage of air

A child beyond time without gender
Metamorphing to surrender
Each shape for one older and still
No end to how each could be killed

By chance in the polyverse i´m all of these
Each to fall prey with unnerving ease
To who knows which ambiguous marasmus
It asked at once knowing
And unknowing the answers

To things far removed from my experience
Or need to know and thus it thanked me
For sparing it death´s multiplicitous masques
And life´s thankless laborious tasks

January, child born alas
February, still still frail as glass
March through a formative period you must
April child, in god, distrusts
May comes and goes and shortlived is the hope
June is the halfway mark of your rope
July child fears end of time
August child in slow decline
September, sense starts to fail
October´s child, the burden ails
November´s child malingers on
December´s child is dead and gone
Apprenticeship to my duty
Learner of a higher magnitude
A scholar at producing pain
Don´t forget to include
A masters in brutality
Enjoy to be, my next fatality

Some call me a fiend
A ghoul of gore
I´m gonna settle the score
You lecherous, squabbling mongrel

Have you suffered enough?
Bled all over yourself?
It´s a shame to see you spill
All that rotting swill
Seemed as though you´ve delved
Into an unwelcoming predicament
Enough to wipe that smile
Off your shitgrin face

Beaten down dog
Pungent urine stench
Streams of disgust
Puddles spread to lakes
Boot to face intakes

I loathe, I loathe you
You´re sickening

How I laugh at your discomfort
Are your teeth settling down the throat alright?
I´ll squeeze it tight
No room for air
Down there

Redesigning the blueprints to madness
Slab of meat bruised and bloodless
Feel my wrath, feel my wrath
You´re wiped away
I pity you not
You cease to exist
Pointless to resist
Your medicine
It´s almost night
The clouds are streaked with violet
And the moon is bright
Banish your innocence

There is no breeze
Disquiet lurks in silence
By this place of power
Your sins must escalate

What has come before
And recurs perpetually
Is on it´s way
Cherish each atrocity

Woodland dark surroundings
Ill lit by twin beacons
A black car approaches
With two men inside it

With the right temptation
Murder needs to prompting
The man riding shotgun
Has just killed his own son

To nurture the white worms

Still and isolated
The woodframe house stands vacant
Humans that once lived here
Can no longer be found

And yet all are present
Well fed and ghastly white
In the mound of moist earth
That sits just by the road

His rigid features inexpressive
He flings his son´s blonde head upon the heap
This last act earns him his metamorphosis
For he who built the house is at the wheel

To nurture the white worms

Darkling souls, though larval
With each sin can mutate
Into something dreadful
Before dawn, you´ll pupate
And feed on innocents
Nourished by more like you
To someday haunt the aether
In obscene evolution

The house is hell
With it´s windows all agape
Through these come some worms
And they have sprouted wings

Fear is forever, the objective
To goad the rest of humanity
Into acts of pervert nature
And bring out the worm in all of us
Sodom precise, burn the man
A promise of scorching
We hold a torch to the sun
Flame to the surface
We hold a torch to the sun
Flame to the surface

Cruddy crud epidermis
Skin melt fashion
Burning man passion
Seek a sense of shelter
Within an oasis of deprivated clowns
We´ll take a trip through the devil´s heat

Meander through the meadowless fields
Carnival bizarre
Black rock dryness
Lures chaos mongers
Banishment of all that is taught
Complete flesh rot

Agonized, the smoldering circus
Summon the desert deity
"Take these and feel us"
Psychedelia, hallucinate

Sift the embers
You´ll find me
Buried alive
With drums of thunder
Solar god arise

He´ll rise, arise
He´ll rise, arise
He´ll rise, arise
He´s risen

Bow down, hands raised
Blistered, half crazed
Drifting alone
Ignite my soul
Reborn to be
A perpetual
Flame to the surface
Out of focus
Need to get a grip
So you don´t slip
Into the realm
Of lifelessness
As you crawl through
The debris of the past

Feebly arise to one knee
Inhaling the treachery
Bearing witness to the actions you´ve chosen
Closed mouth, unspoken
The fallen one

Sometimes you hate yourself
And everyone else
Go ahead and hate yourself
For not awakening your dreams
And nightmares

Screams to an immortal one
Supposed only son
Never sees the tears in your eyes
Never hears the ungodly cries
Behind the mask that you´ve worn
Bitter and scorned

Hourglass and mournful stillness
A tribute to sorrows passing
As time drips in endless
Melancholy and gruesome recollections

Through depths you´ve fallen
Unsurmountable odds of ascension
Succumbed by fathoms
Washed adrift, suspended in grief
Never to lift your filthy spirit

Soul cleanse, blank the imagery
It must be nice to have
The burden of thought
Whisked away
And let astray
Travelling through the veins of prior existance
Only to realize you´ve lost your bearings
Dragged beyond human receptiveness
Surrounded, reach for the portal of answers

Release the demon
Soar to far away wavelengths
Out of body, out of your mind
Free the subconscious and enter the light

Tightrope walk alone
Faceless unknown

Difficulties and discoveries
Incorporated to build as one
A basin of washed away memories
Forever filled

Wrath of identities
Nailed to your forehead
Pick and choose the faces
That will have no features

Disguised but slowly unveiled
Wearing down
This subliminal frown
To probe the recesses
Of a once benign mind
Tainted in malignancy

Everlasting search for resolve
Inner conflict inflict the afflicted

Interplantary secrets
Mesmerized, answers lost
To the wind

Intoxicated with fury
Subside and dissolve
Over time
Endless time
The machines are raping the machines
The cum drips down the legs of humanity
Slip slide, don´t fall
Stabilize, won´t crawl
Under muck spittle soil
Within the serpent´s coil

Within the serpent´s coil

Blindfolded by your own fucking will
Dive into the shit
And swim for a while
Peel the crust from all over your body
And scrape the blood
From your putrid fucking hands

Tragic mourning for chain release
Uncovered plots of lies and deceit
Venomous fangs facade
Vice like tightening
Wrapped up
The nihilist

Positioned to strike
Sleek slithering
Strangulated fear
Choke-hold weakens
Cancer spreading

Detested, sickened minions
Burrow to safety

March with the storm
Whisper supremacy
Conquer the throne of allegiance
In this age of sadism
Dominate until we expose you
Expose you
We´ve exposed you
For all the sheep to see

Revolt, shepherds have lost grace
Revolt, serpentile race
The distance it allows at first
The change is felt through the air
The mother of nature speaks discontently

As death tends to whisper defiance
Thinks it´s surprising, fully expected
Heavily unwelcomed, purposely unhidden
There to accomodate
A more sensible whiskey warmth
Had my fills of somber hearts and lost souls

Bleak ember grey, dismal drear
Catastrophic in its own simple right
Tolerance as low as low
Unfortunately cold is cold
Scold the mother whore
For shaking the season´s core

Unprepared as always
Suspiciously sneaking into
Mammoth proportions
An emblem of frigid bones
And desolate hopes

The here is now
An icy adversary of a piercing sort
Wintry blue lunacy in the eyes
No choice but to hibernate
Against these skies

Biting bitterness
Blizzard blowing
Nipping at the fine line of your neck
Horrendous glacial
Facial disfiguration
Beaten red raw by the arctic fist

Pummelled quite considerably
Frozen bricks hold the spirit down
Destined to find the elusive shelter
Set aside reclusion from the numbing mind

Winteresque barren portrait
Painted miserably white

Living Earth
Postponed in bereavement
Temporarily cessated
Untimely anytime
This unthawing persistance

Our fine feathered friends
Seem smarter than they appear
Should´ve scrambled to join them
On these months that are so feared

Ferocious gusts, tempestuous winds
Drifting bales, infinitized
Unbeareble haze
Trapped like a rat in a maze
Just when you thought enough was too much
For the desperate masses... and then it passes
First the climb
Become the status
Regained sight
On a directionless path

One should be
The quiet one who would not see
Resemblance in self
And all those spawned

All in the same
Suffering sadness
Incredible truth
Justice to this madness

Remember, forget who you are
Negative and bored
And have given a little too much thought
Here today, long gone yesterday
Saw a million zombies like me
Some of whom have entered the fray

A man with nothing to lose
Will kill quicker than a wolf
Will tear your flesh
And a man with all to gain
He will do the same
Now has easily passed the threshold

We bleed
Like the rest of you pigs
We breed
Fuck like the rest of you parasites

We plead
For an end
The need
For selfishness
We bleed
Ourselves instead

Wondering whether
The process of thinking
Duplicates itself
Mirrored by maniacal malicious intentions
Carried out with ease
We bleed

A man with nothing to lose
Has struck swifter than a snake
Displays cold survival
And a man with all to gain
He has done the same
But has never crossed the threshold

Leap across the line
Teeter back and forth
On the brink
Decide which path
You take every hour
ossuary for the misinformed
you´d end up being amazed
of what you´d see inside
the whisps of knowledge denied
and to think that someone´s impired
it´s a better place to reside

take that voice of unreason
asked that question
about the chaos
that lies dormant within

have pondered through a pond
of useless information
fooled tricked
but I´m slowly coming around

fell for it once never again
ignorance is bliss
for the miner of fool´s qold
can´t teach a dog that´s too old
the motherfucker´ll take a bite of the poison
indoctrinate unfiltered lore
absolutely nothing

intravenously force fed
a slave state of intelligence
meant to break these bonds of some point
howsabout now

the bottom line
I´ve saved you the time
wasted on a lost cause
no longer
Reach at the unreachable
Futile attempts
It´s succumbed to its own laws

Rise and falls
Like building blocks
Pick ´em up
Knock ´em down
Another day
A different season

Hate eternal overshadows
Dispersed in clouds
My prodigal son
Returns for the sun dogs
To embelish in angelic rays
Raise our hands in anticipation
Conquest procession participation

When sweat lies and burns the eyes
Fry the river dries
Sunburn-orama drama
Accepted with open arms

Cult of fire
Sect inferno
Long awaited arrival
We´ll save your children
Follow this illuminated line
This light that´s held before you
Enshrined beneath this glare
Straight eye sare
Roped in, ensnared
Lost will of yours
Slipped past you
A passing glance
Long ago

Deity like foreskin
Draped lazily over
Your dying perception
Hunted by a illusion
Doubled over in delusion

Cumshot religions
Unions of weakness
Dazed and proud
Buried under the shroud

The blessed beasts
Worshipped in droves
Disposable dogmas
Believing the bullshit
Bleed from your hands
Dismally down to your knees
With your strength relinquished by you
We prey upon your bowing form

Day dreaming, idols deceiving
Enigmatic fixation

Age of piety
Mind expansion
A mystic cloud
Dead under the shroud
Savagely beguiled of courage
Not equipped for determination
Needed for your journey
Not sure if you were
Thrown in or shit out
The way you see it is the way it is

Maybe not the way it´s supposed to be
A beginning for other solutions
Led to the same place to find
The bad in the bad
And the bad in the good

Either way
Whatever could go wrong does go wrong
Ending up right back
Where you began

The great escape
Houdini mystique
Sensory multiload
Overstate the obvious
That your situations
Remain in focus never to vanish

Soar and envision sore vision

Trippin´ at the helm
The illusion of utopia
Wanting more and more
And then you´ll beg

Soar and envision sore vision
bare my teeth in a fit of stability
cling to level ground
balancing ability
side with the positive
more and more progressively
scale the negative mountain
always seem to loose my foothold

got enough gear
to settle in for the long run
one false move
precautions elude
tumble in the mood
never seem to gain my foothold

inconsistantly faltering between the two pales
not much chance in regulating
all systems go, red alert behavior
humanistic insfictincts
the other´s demonic
stranglehold and bold
up front, within the contact of
devils amongst angels
running´ all through ya

despite strong intentions
bi-polar reflux
to the natural
knock for hilarious maleficence
fireless negotiating
war infernal, duo eternal
tumultuos disorder

equivalent equilibrium
drop zone efficiency
control rate zero
rotous in all aspects
unhealthy malaise

human demon

berserker balistically
beset the sane mind
Behemoth unleashed
orovaked, irreversable
a product from this perishable life
imagine every living thing
forever accompanied
by an alter dimensional being
phantom pain brought on by
the wounding of each individual´s
extracorporeal entity

in this violent day and age
we greatly fear their coming rage
what technology has done
forced apart what once was one

electropsychic and highly psychotic
as, unlike an aura, it thinks for itself
inseparable in schizoid existence
once inexorably linked with our own

relationship of symbiotic nature
unbeknownst to human half of dual creature
as the phantom empaths whose pain is intense
learn from the cold voice of experience

mass exodus in an invisible flood
externalization spills torrents of a blood
man has ended his three-dimensional term
they came from the worms
let them go back to the worms
Seeing that this blood sequence
Is most unfortunate
Hallowed be thy immortal
Free from constrictions
And that ridiculous boundry
Called life
Fly my pretty
However, stay close to me

Omen bearer, ecstatic shiver
Like a woman just crossed my grave
Almost blind sight for sour eyes
And tickled my fancy
Delicate. Pure. Mine.
Simply soulmated
The heaven´s serene selection
God´s reflection
Something tells me
You might not know me now
You will soon

First fucking things first
Would bet on you a smile
That this other fella?
Will disapear for a while

No mind to a constant observant
I watch
Two is a show but three is a crowd
Pardon me, may i have this dance
As for you sir
Your services have been rendered useless
And are no longer needed
Sleep that deep slumber

Cleverly infiltrate the daily procedures
Enjoy this moment
Perfect timing, perfect beauty
Thank you for inviting
I´ll drop by for a minute (or two)
Upon my ringing, you´re cordially obliged
Couldn´t have been better
If I´d been asked for dinner
Lept that step
Beyond a casual notice
Full fledged admiration

Might be deemed a social misfit
Never asked, never cared
Never spared a worthless existence
The big splash, your life in a flash
Of tornados forming, frenzied whirlwind
Of times and places, people and faces
Fear has a scent that´s unmistakable
It´s growing, building, mutating, ascending
You´ve created a lover, well respected
Undeniably desired

Popculture idolatry, root vulture misery
In the wake of my own hero parade
An army of one,
Haven´t had this much fun
As a couple deeply in obsession
Screams go unheard

We are...
We are aware that we are:
We are breathing...
This is our present exhalation
(and) then comes inspiration
...wait for it...

For thee, mortals, a cataclysm
Wherein all (that) thou knowest shall die
For in this kingdom where everything dies
Where even the sky is mortal
What is not and has always been
For thee, must never be

Thine ancient gods in their pantheons
Will cease to be utterly
And the stars in thy firmament:
All will die;
and thy Prayers for Deliverance;
all will die,
And be one in a nucleon
...Reductio ad Absurdum...

...Fires mortal Terra...
One final perfect day
From all to absence in one breath

It is all one single grain:
It is all one
And nevermore is a new beginning...
After the fire, their bodies at rest
Beyond mere blood, beyond mere breath:
Their terror summons the vapours of fright
A mating call to things of the night

The things they´ll become after they die
Have called to us before their time:
The dark horse of dreams has brought them here
To this Ur-Place that feeds on fear
Where the only light comes from their bones
That glow, now: all their flesh is gone

(A) Voice between rivers
Sings (the) truth that destroys
Then it laughs like a dog

(The) Voice between worlds
Has existence to void
And it dwells in their bones

«That which was drawn in sand for me
By the man of blood
Whose hand never ends
Heralds all mortality
And he-who-waits-beneath-the-scream»

Oh, to be possessed of carrionshine
To dream past the limits of carcasskind

The prayer goes:
«Unite to thee thy bones - What appertains to thee is complete»
Oh come all ye unfaithful
Decaying and wretched
To this cradle of impiety
To lay your impure heads

Fare thee well
Or fare thee ill:
One way or another
Some blood shall spill

What to do?
Inter? Cremate all those who´ve died from all the hate
From this execrable aggregate
That nurtures the corrupt?

Crusaders, wet me with your cathar kiss

Bow to them?
Crawl for them
Those loathsome mahometic effigies?

Once, there were boundaries
The lay of the land was well defined
Came a hell of rats, and now
«Le temps entre chien et loup» is nigh
«Manquerais-je de Fidélité dans mon Pays? Jamais!
Cessons nos reculs pour nous trouver des bastions
Dans des terres lointaines:
Les fauves nous harcélent á tout jamais
C´est donc á nos de passer á l´action»

In houses of fire, where everyone dies
On the killing grounds of war, in the torn flesh and flies

I know I saw you there

In the heart of disease, where love is a stone
On the faces of those whose hate is as bone

I know I saw you there
Where Hatred rules supreme
Das ist der fluch der mächtigen

Let us settle with swords
The affairs of men:
Violence is the answer:
«Sis im blut»... Eisblut!

In this soiled world
We see aspects of damnation
On the faces of the killed
Instead of gratitude

This psychology may seem
A bit baroque at first
But what a boon it be
When the demons come

With time and telling, memory dulls
Of rotting boys with empty skulls:
All sons of ares, sons of mars
Whose flesh be worms, whose souls be stars

Myriads of combat corpses
The eggshell skeletons of men
Debris over which weep
Their stricken families:
Parents, wives and children
Their heroic children
Their heroic sufferings
Do strengthen hearts
And moisten eyes

Know ye not (Have ye forgotten?)
Your place in the earth?
We know (as we´ve always known)
(that) there can be no place
For such as ye
Upon our blameless, benighted earth

The breath of the dead
Fills the stagnant breeze:
Now, the world is perfect
(and) those left behind still weep

(And) should the question of terror arise
We´ll draw our hate down from the skies

We live beneath a carcass moon
That makes a horror of all days
For on this battlefield
Even the wicked get worse than they deserve

«But then, it is the curse of the great
To have to walk over the corpses.»
«Es war schon immer der fluch der mächtigen
Über leichen schreiten zu müssen.»

With our deeds of carnage
We hail bloodshed our immortal king
They are living candles
And we will watch them burn

Their frantic pace of dying
Is so hard to maintain

Into the arms of solace you go:
(we sing the screams of men:)
«make a joyful noise unto the lord»
Scream and scream again

Age or beauty: which to burn?
There´s always room for one less:
Suffering is the master from whom we learn:
Keep this secret and be blessed

In these, the last days before revelation
As existence is futile and failure is not an option
They bleed for love of the body
And they die for the body:
Now, only silence remains...
A sylvan silence

The sick
The dying
The dead
The rotting
The damned...
...the burning

Their lives, as such are but a trifle:
Their sacrifices, much like compost
Will help to nourish the seeds of the future:
This august body cannot cease to grow

«Arbeit macht frei»
Until you die:
Welcome to permanent downtime

They are all living candles
And we will watch them burn out

All these small deaths
Of mind, of body
Rest is for the weak
We who end lives with a wink and a smile
And a song in our hearts and a twinkling eye
Do so with a noble purpose in mind:
To thin out the rabble of humankind

We are never where you think
We´ll be
The shadow underneath your sink
Our teeth into
Your fragile flesh
Is ours to do with as we
«Please! Oh, help me!»

Here come the cadaver dogs:
They´ll find where the dead girl lies:
Unlike us, they´ll be soft with her
Like she were made of eyes

«Street musician found strangled
In the trunk of a car»
«Gutted vagrant found hanging
From a tree in a park»
«Naked infant found frozen
On some steps leading down»
«Headless foetus found rotting
On the roof of a house»

Recycle the body pits
And human cluster dumps
Filled with the burnt, the stabbed
And the lucky machinegunned

There are no victims
Just landfill statistics
Where overpopulation threatens us all:
«Disordered thinking:»
Is that what they call it?
So, our culling (of) the herd has left you appalled?

(Or,) see it as a self-defense
If no other way:
Encroaching humans number our days:
Probe the young for signs
To no effect:
Serial killing´s not a birth defect

Here come the cadaver dogs:
They´ll find where the dead man lies:
Unlike us, they´ll be soft with him
Like he were thinning ice
Touched by Jeqon
The inciter
Well-rounded woman flesh
Doth tempt
The angels of the watch
To sin
And their sons are

Thrice blessed are we in his garden
We have the world, our health, our kin:
As we «go forth and multiply»
We take form each other´s skin

Endogamy: the choice of millions
In (all their) elemental ugliness:
In the echoes of repetition
Imperfection sires itself

Nothing in life
Has any business being perfect:
It´s an affront
To anyone with good taste

Choice is divine
So choose family over strangers:
Why trouble the waters
Of the gene pool for a mate?

Carbon Vessel
Carbon content
Carbon copy

Like a lump between two surgeons
Man quivers ´twixt desire and need:
The law is the will, and we´ve chosen
The kingdom of which we would be

In filial sect
We are genesis incarnate:
In our faces
We see manifest destiny

(and) leave nothing alive

With thoughts of heaven come deeds of flesh:
We´d look once more upon his holy visage
And our children whom we´ve known and wed
(are) our means to recreate his image

In lurking fear of his displeasure
After dark, between their cries
In the eye of the beholder:
This is where beauty dies
«Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night
For the arrow that flieth by day
For the pestilence that walketh in darkness
For the destruction that wasteth at noonday
A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand
At thy right hand: but it shall not come nigh thee
Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold
And see the reward of the wicked.»

One last
Perfect night of life on earth
I saw a pestilence descend on wings
Plague black
As it rode the ancient star wind
There are
Things more horrible than death

Beneath a shawl of midnight silence
A howling blackness
Where all is remade in necromorphosis
Asleep in human remains

Worn from the stones
Elegiac words
Recounting hopes
And forgotten lives
For beneath them lies
The dust of humans
The dust of dreams
The dust...

A coach drawn by the blackest steeds
As befits those who´ve passed from life
Will bring you to where swarm the specters
Of man´s best-loved funerals

The laws of flesh are here repealed:
Vigor mortis is now on the way
So count the black beads of your sorrow
While you stammer your frightened prayers

Readjust your vision, see the warp in the shadows...
There´s something wrong with the dark:
Something that thrives on wretchedness and sorrow
And makes the darkness crawl

Rain-swelled clouds
Blot out the sun
Damned nor´easter
Chilling the dark

Branches, sticks
Thistles, thorns
Feathers, fur
Mud and bones...
Dying ground

A lifeless thing of earthen heath
Seeing soil from beneath
Knows the need to summon flesh
To its maw

Cold blue lips frame (a) yard-wide grin
That calls to flesh, to let it in
And thus indulge its yearning
Come the unDawn

Roam the endless cemetery of what once was
(where) the Allfeeling is never truly gone
To be released in your void,
Which has consumed
Us far too many times before.
We promised ourselves
That we wouldn´t succumb
To the dissonance.
This fractured state, has
Engulfed, our, sense of,
So polished,you´re
Gleaming with light.
Too tempting,
Resisting with all our might.
Blinded soul
On a misguided flight.
Silence the, demons lethal appetite.
Seeking refuge from this
Burden which has all but,
Torn and worn us to shreds.
This blinding conclusion,
Has diverted the inevitable.
Guiding us back to you.
Focus on the pain,
Our only fragment of reality.
Wade through this disdain,
The only sanctity we´ve ever contained.
Worship your demons,let
Them mold and guide you.
Worship your demons, but
Do not let them inside you.
Worship your demons,let
Them mold and calm you.
Worship your demons but,
Do not let them control you.
This fractured state, has
Engulfed, our, sens of,
Eradicate them all now.
We, we have been far too lenient,
But your torment must suffice,
Worthless years of achievements,
Have lead us to this sacrifice.

Annihilate the chosen and so without remorse or sorrow.
Anecdotes are for fools you must be abdicate
Your grief throughout,
This viral process.
We have been far too lenient,
But your torment must suffice,
Worthless years of achievements,
Have lead us to this sacrifice.

Once we have come of age,
We shall be lead to the slaughter.
This is done without question,
For it is simply a matter of evolution.
Silence your consciences,
For this is irreplaceable.
Embrace our impermanence, for we all are perishable.
Throughout the celebration we recite the
Arguments in our favour.
Silence your consciences,
For this is irreplaceable.
Embrace our impermanence, for we all are perishable.

Throughout the ceremony we recite the arguments in our favour.
Leading us to decide termination must be designed.
We, we have been far too lenient,
But your torment must suffice,
Worthless years of achievements,
Have lead us to this sacrifice.

We will not, redefine, nor we will reinstate.

Neglect and abandonment will not suffice,
Exasperating circumstances, have lead us straight,
Through the underbelly of this place.
Silence your consciences,
For this is irreplaceable.
Embrace our impermanence, for we all are perishable.
Idleness, ignorance, innocent, venial, demented,
Slanderous, credulous, insolent.

When will you see that we have done what must be in order to live.
Idolize the compromised lifestyle we
Have depicted for ourselves.
Organized to sanctify the resistance
We´re consistently served.

Strive, strive, to rectify.

Throughout the ages we have confined
Ourselves within these brainwashed lies
We´ve broken, through this severed wound, which has been.

Burnt, burnt, and restructured.

Silence, the tyrants, before they condemn us all.
Silence, the tyrants, in order, to sanctify.
Silence, the tyrants,
I will not, be able to swallow,
Your predetermined guilt.
You seem, so hollow, as your senses begin to slip.
Beaten, and paralyzed, tormented, and left to die.

You´ve been born into this, so there´s no use to resist.
We now have a common goal, which is to unleash your soul.

Each passing hour, allows you to dive deeper.
Your consciousness is fading, as the light begins to regress.

I see, all your efforts, failing.
All your pain, has been endured for nothing.
Beneath your screams you´re whimpering.
To be relieved of this burden you are
Wearing, which you are holding.

You´ve sacrificed for what...

Beaten, and paralyzed, tormented, and left to die.
Beaten, and paralyzed, tormented, and left alone to die.

Silence, the tyrants,
Before they condemn us all.
Silence, the tyrants, in order,
To cleanse, ourselves, from our filthy world.
In a moment´s notice,
The truth has accelerated within.
I witnessed a subsidence,
I witnessed a deterioration begin.

This message you have left,
Whether it was intended or not,
Has left us all confounded.
Your incentives seem to have eluded us.

You may, have escaped,
But you´ve, only delayed, your fate.

There does not appear to be a valid explanation,
For such destructive actions,
In your last moments you reached up,
But you had already condemned yourself.

Gathered, in mourning,
A sea of tears flood the aisles.
They are broken, they are pleading.
Their faces, are red and, slightly blotched, with, pride.

This is no solution,
This is not considered retribution.
Your jaded notions,
Have overthrown your judgment.

Loved ones, supporting in hope to reconcile.
This destruction, you so selfishly designed.

When will you see, the pain, the lies,
The hurt, you´ve dealt, to all of us.

We´ll just have to, hold the memories,
Live life through, an hourglass stare,
Sanctify, your fading legacies.

And rectify, this jaded, finally.

Repent your sins, in order to condemn the lies.
You have foretold, in order to rely,
Breaking through each silent, cry.

You may, have escaped,
But you, only delayed.
Your thin lips, curl, into a smile,
Which seems so bitter.
Your eyes glitter, as the nectar flows.

Your foresight, must be, 20, 20.
For your timing, is pristine.
You seem to have, chosen, the right seat.

Consume, reap the benefits,
Of your, hopeless ignorance.
We have, nothing left to debate,
You are, a fucking parasite.

You seem to find, satisfaction,
Within, the affluence of all your naïve kin.

Did you really think, we wouldn´t see straight through this.
Act which you, portray without a conscience.
Could you please, constrain yourself within this,
Shattered shell, where, you´ve hidden all, your integrity.

Seep it up, until your vain is fulfilled.
Strain some more, or you will idle farther.
For in this place, there is nothing further,
Than to lie, in this relative darkness.

I, have witnessed, this suffering, your suffering,
Has led, you to, cross that line, to cross the line. [x2]

Seep it up, until your vain is fulfilled.
Strain some more, or you will idle farther.
For in this place, there is nothing further,
Than to lie, in this relative darkness.

Consume, reap the benefits,
Of your, hopeless ignorance.
We have, nothing left to debate,
You are, a fucking parasite.
Consume the benefits.
Your thin lips, curl, into a smile,
Which seems so bitter.
Save, me from, this pain, which you,
Have crafted, throughout years of hate.

Your endless greed, is astonishing.

It swallowed, your life, and your goals,
It tampered with, your entire soul.
You have sacrificed, the benefits of what´s been sewn,
Just to be able, to stand toe to toe.

Your voracity, is astounding.

Guilt does not affect, your incestuous,
Need, for, such, controversy.

Today, I hope you realize that we have,
Released, the voice of a nation.

Try to, see the light,
Open up your, mind to the sight,
And then you´ll realize.

Your eyes, darkened and weak,
Now silent, beneath this plastic sheet.

Regret, and forget.

When will you regret, your lack of empathy.
Soon you will forget, the taste of greed.

This world, cannot forgive, this is a consequence,
(With which we all must live) [x2]

The consequences, of your relentless, greed, pain, hate, lies,
Have overcome you, without remorse or disdain.
Without exemptions, your hands are stained with, innocent blood.
Within their shadows, our world is still weeping.

I can´t, believe to which extent,
We have let our world, decay.
Breathe, disciple, breathe, enemy,
For as long as you are, we will never be free.

Your gluttony, is never-ending.

Try to, see the light, open up your, mind to the sight,
And then you´ll realize, that you, have destroyed,
Our chances of, an unsoiled life.
Within these words, I´ll hide the contempt for the purpose I serve.
Silently, I withhold my resolve, and pursue, while my dignity dissolves,
A bit more everyday...

I´ll hold on to the end, and fight my resentment.
You see, I have succumbed, in order to complete, what must be done.

Stand tall, to keep faith and fight.
Take up arms, and prepare, for the, onslaught.

Prepare yourself.

Concealed in shadows, there are weaknesses.
I have uncloaked them, to reveal their impurities.

I lay, concealed, awake, in hopes of finding safety from their,
Unrelenting, beatings, which they have organized in spite
Of all, your own, actions, which we have followed to a "T"
But we, have been, displaced, we have been driven from our course.

The battle rages on, as my mind begins to sway.
I am redeemed through consequence, but my guilt is still in play.

But the fact of the matter is, is that I´ve sacrificed,
Everything I am, while I was standing here for you.

Prepare yourself, just save yourself.

There is no escaping, we must strive to alter fate,
In order to recover, from this faltered state.

Within these words, I hid the contempt for the purpose I served silently.
I withheld my resolve, and pursued, while my dignity dissolved.
Desensitized, and oblivious.
We have conspired, to renegotiate.
These unburdened sins, must now be sanctified once again.
Purified, within this fire.

You´re going to burn and your family is gonna watch.
These flames will overtake you, as you quiver from the shock.

So lie back in your makeshift tomb,
Flinch as the accelerant flows,
Hold your breath as we strike the match,
Then scream until the flames make contact,
This is a necessity, you have been begging to be cleansed.
This was always a priority, we must anoint the dead.

The smell of burning flesh, fulfills our world.
It replaces the stinging stench of humanity.

Simply put, we are the antidote.
We have been sent here to replace,
This tattered shell we helped build create.

The smell of burning flesh, fulfills our world.
It replaces the stinging stench of humanity.

These empty promises have now been fulfilled,
Through the hallowed fire.
Waiting, within this sullen twilight,
We shiver, anticipation clouding our sight.
We contrived this lesson in order to reconcile.
We´ve compiled these actions in order to retaliate.

The time has now come, to swallow your lost, pride.
Between your alluring pleads, and all your foul excuses.
We´ve learned to see through your deceiving, eyes.

Within a moment,
The dissection begins,
Leaving you breathless.

The time has now come, to swallow your lost, pride.

Sever, and bask within the impiety.
Perish, while relishing the irony.
Our anticipation rises as your heart rate begins to fall.
We´re liberated as you slowly dissipate.

The time has now come, to swallow your lost, pride.
Between your alluring pleads, and all your foul excuses.
We´ve learned to see through your deceiving, eyes.

Our fates, were once, intertwined,
But now, we have, cleansed this place.
We have, left it all, behind.
We have, left it all, for you.

We´re standing on our own, we´re standing on our own.
We´ve taken, we´ve taken, we´ve taken control.
We´re standing on our own, we´re standing on our own.
We´ve taken, we´ve taken, we´ve taken control, of our lives.

The time has now come, to swallow your lost, pride.
Between your alluring pleads, and all your foul excuses.
We´ve learned to see through your deceiving, eyes.
I can still see the light,
I can still feel its presence,
While you, withdraw it from me.

Within, this casket, I lie in wait, to be unleashed.
Disposed of, and left to rot, I am now, your "center piece."
Lies, have lead me down this road in the dark of night.
Truth, will unhinge these doors and lead blinded men to sight.

Through this conformity,
We have formed a society,
Seizing all liability,
From our identities.

Locked silent in this state, buried within the overgrowth.
We are all confined, with nothing left to show.

"I find myself" [x2]
Buried within
I find myself

Awoke in a cold sweat, all disoriented.
Take in your surroundings, and realize your fate.

"You find yourself" [x2]
Tormented within
You´ll find yourself

The air I breathe, does not constrain me.
It lifts me up, and leads me from this fate.
Beneath the seeds, there is a dream,
Which has lead us all astray.

All I see is fading, away,
And everything I see, is fading.

Read between the lines, and live.

"I find myself" rising above these obstacles, and unleashing the tyrant.
"I find myself" unearthing the torment, this icon represents.

I can still see the light,
Through this conformity,
We have formed a society,
Seizing all liabilities.

All I see is fading, away,
(Everything is fading away),
And everything I see, is fading.

The courtroom was packed as the verdict was delivered
The quiet defendant sat paralysed in disbelief
Her hands would be severed, she would be hung and then burnt

I turned to console her but she was already being ushered away
Her life had never been an easy one
Forced to procreate like beasts in dark stables
She wept whenever she laid her head down to sleep

To escape would be her only refuge
From this trivial life she had been forced to lead
Her lover�s empty promises
Drove her towards these drastic measures
Her timeline was ticking with the spring thaw quickly approaching
Aware that she would be whisked away with the free flowing currents

She had to react

The tiny witness who pointed her out
Giggles today as she walks towards the schoolhouse
But Angelique had no freedom ever since that gavel fell
The shovel full of coals is what persuaded the judge

At the gallows she stood before them
With quivering lips she begged for absolution
But when the hangman tripped the switch
Her body finally fell towards its fate
Afterwards the empty carcass was flunt upon the pyre
Her neighbors and comrades all watched as the hem of her skirt ignited
They all cheered with glee as the flames consumed her
Dragged out of bed in the dead of night
With their phones ringing pitilessly
Later at the station the droopy-eyed constables
Stared at their computer screens
Sleep-laden officers
Huddled over their coffees as they tried to decipher
The surreptitious low flying lights
Hovering off the coast of our shores

So faint yet blinding

A plane must have crashed
The survivors must be attempting to signal help
The coastguard was contacted
And the coordinates were delegated

They were appalled when they were informed
That nothing was in the water
A blank empty ocean was all that was found
And they were reprimanded and chastised

For you see Shag Harbour´s visitors
Had already received their package
High above the earth trapped and drugged
A man was trapped to a cold table
Prodded and probed
With his vital organs laid out beside him
Tiny creatures were dissecting him

Awake but sedated he watched
As they tore through his sternum

While back down on earth everyone sat perplexed
Questioning their own interpretations of what they had witnessed
The tired policemen crawled back into their beds
Saddened and bewildered by what had been said

All the while inside the vessel
The man was still aware
As the vermin slowly reconstructed him
His liver and kidneys and lungs and heart
Were repositioned and motivated to restart

Drifting off as they stitched him up
Suction cup laced tentacles worked miraculously
At home the man awoke with a start
Clutching at his chest and removing his shirt to inspect
But nothing was revealed but clean white skin
Radiating palely in the cold early morning light
Shackled and confined within this tiny cell
I await punishment for a crime I did not commit
Flies and rats accompany me here

The bars gleam moist with condensation
As I sit throughout my last sunrise

This tiny island was called Admiral when I first arrived
Now it´s overpopulated and infested

Framed for murder
Another red-skinned scapegoat
My hatred of diversity condemned me

The man they believed I killed
Was sitting at peace when he was shot in the back
His dining room table became his deathbed
Flimsy evidence supporting an airtight case
The murder weapon misplaced
Fallen coincidentally to the bottom of the lake

His wife glared at me in the courtroom
A devilish stare I will never forget
Her tear-streaked face radiated with a glint of hope
As the judge revealed his verdict

So now I wait as the sun slowly rises
Counting on my last hours
Pleading for forgiveness
Although I am guiltless

The time has now arrived they are standing outside my chamber
The noose has been set and the crowd has gathered

The noon sun blinds me as I approach the gallows
So much that I can´t see my family weeping at the back of the square

Tied and bound with a burlap sack over my head
I can only hear what they are doing to me
The last thing I perceive is the gasp of the crowd
Just before the rope swings taut

Framed for murder
Another red skinned scapegoat
Left to hang
In another man´s place
Framed for murder
Another red skinned scapegoat
Eternal red skinned scapegoat
The morning light shone across the surface
I had hoped Canoe Lake would be like this

The constant financial pressures
Were constricting my creativity

A black canvas stalked my nightmares
Night after night I had the same reoccurring vision
So I thought a therapeutic fishing expedition
Might help remedy the darkness which had been consuming me

But sadly it only brought my blackened revelations
To the next extremity

As I pushed off the dock
I basked and reclined
In the serenity

This was exactly what I needed seclusion and peace
But after a short while I was distracted
By a faint line of smoke rising in the distance

When I approached the two men by the fire
Quickly they turned and shuffled away
I was startled when the third one attacked me from behind

The deserters worked quickly carrying my lifeless body
Towards the water´s edge

There I was laid to rest in my shallow watery grave
I sunk beneath the surface floating adrift amongst the logger´s forgotten rotting stumps

My assailants walked away
Swaying ignominiously
Running from a life of violence
Brought them closer to it than they could have ever imagined

Now they are cursed to the life of the damned
A silent forty-two years
Nestled in the heart of Nova Scotia
Marooned in Digby´s Sandy Cove
A legless man was found unconscious on the shore
When he later awoke in the home of a local fisherman
He obsessively muttered the same three words over and over again

The first was Jerome
He repeated it so much so that it was decided it must be his name
Colombo was the second
Perhaps the name of the ship that abandoned him
The mutiny he attempted to lead left him stranded

Cast off into the vast unknown
After a ruthless Captain inflicted his harsh naval judgment
By hacking off both of his legs just above the knee

The final word was Trieste
Was this the land that he dreamed of
As he screamed and moaned throughout his nights
Conceivably it was visions of loved ones severed and distorted
That motivated him to remain mute

Apart from these three words the man was soundless
He moved slowly during his enduring years
By scuffling forward on his hands and stumps

Canada´s first melancholic welfare recipient
Died on April 12th 1912

Broken fragments of his past have emerged
But the truth was never unveiled
A stone marker is all that´s left now
As a memory of this nation´s amputated enigma
Prominent local aristocrats
Painted red throughout history
A fortune born out of sugar
Led the family to the social summit
The daughter of Montreal´s fourth mayor
Laid silently at rest in her bed
As her son of twenty four years
Studied mercilessly in the adjacent room

As night settled darkness fell upon the Square Mile Mansion
Delirious thanks to her pain medication

Ada Maria Mill Repath
Unlocked the top drawer of her nightstand
And removed from it a fevered solution
But her flimsy faint grip allowed it to fall

Clattering to the floor

Once Clifford´s focus was interrupted
He headed out in search of the racket
But when he entered his Mother´s room
It was already splattered with her blood brains and bones

The aspiring med student resolved to seal his own fortune as well
The pressures of life had completely crippled him

Three days later they were already both six feet below
Rotting slowly as the populous´ interest
Took flight as the rumours grew so did the mystery of it all

Sadly Sherbrooke Street was never quite the same
The Golden Square Mile was forever tainted
The gloom that engulfed their mansion
Still remains present today
Officer you have to believe me
I didn´t kill my wife
Please settle down sir just start from the beginning
And tell us what happened to Sophie

Our baggage was packed tight the essentials were gathered and prepared
This was the Honeymoon trip we had been planning for months
Skinny-dipping in the hot springs of the Kootenay Rockies that was her dream
The earth moist beneath our boots crumbled as we set out that morning
Long eerie shadows stretched out and crawled towards us

A simple meal once camp had been set
Afterwards we curled together before the fire
As darkness settled the two of us became one
Our subtle moans leaked past the night and across the vast unknown plains

As our sweat dried we clung together and drifted off into sleep
A rustle in the distance startled me awake
I turned towards Sophie to initiate another round
Overtaken by her vulnerability

But the vacuous silence she emit puzzled me until I turned on the flashlight
All that was left of my wife was a bloodied upper torso torn and fragmented

That´s when I first heard it, the ominous black beast
Howling and grunting just out of sight
Then nothing for a minute until the hairy creature attacked again
It had come back for what was left of Sophie

Shivering naked and caked with her blood
I drifted off as I waited for morning
I then awoke to you guys screaming
Please officer you have to believe me
Led to the family by the Lord
I had no choice but to overtake
The Mother´s role
But that little one was always testing me
Allowing others to question my authority
She was guiding them towards a life of sin
I decided she could burn if she wanted to
But I wasn´t going to let her take the others with her

I have removed the presence of evil twice before
My own blood impure

Was simply unacceptable a soft pillow sufficed
To smother little ones before the demons

Had their chance to escape

But this one was different
I have never seen the devil
Put up such a fight
We had tried to vanquish it
Once before
But sadly the host-body gave out
And set the parasite
Back on its course

It kept quiet for a few weeks after that
And she seemed calmer and more obedient
But as with all sicknesses

Subtle hints of the disease
Snuck up and reappeared

Before long she was back to her old ways
So we reinstated the hot iron and rod
But our late nights educating and reformatting
Were once again interrupted

But from this there was no return
Comatose in her bed
Before the presence finally left
A child died as two more grew within me

Her Father and I were arrested on the church steps
As we emerge with our fellow mourners
We have been paraded through the media ever since
But our silent ploy has been kept forever a secret
Since it left this world with us when we ascended
I am in the bathroom
Cowering, quivering, shaking
Within my stomach begins an eruption
I am surviving
The bluish liquid spills forth from my mouth the toxic cleanser
Tastes so fine perhaps I´ll have to make another
Windshield, washer, cocktail
Retracing the events which lead me here
To this psych ward I´m not convinced
But everyone is so confident
That I´m right where I belong
That bitch, that cunt, that whore
Did she think I´m idiot (yes, she did)
That I wouldn´t find out
A replacement, a clone of perfection
Had snuck in and took shape
A snake. a fiend once friendly
How could that be faked?
My own flesh and blood repelled me
Altered and strangled
Cast me out
That´s when I picked up the knife
I shushed her quiet then stabbed her quickly 19 times
I kept my five-year-old son
My precious for last
The blade was slippery his sister´s blood was everywhere
I made quite the mess you see
That´s when it hit me
The realization of what I´ve done
Searching frantically I couldn´t locate the apparatus
To plant it straight into my heart, I began to panic
Then shaking, sobbing, I discovered my liquid hold
Rest eternal alongside my own
The father, daughter and the son
Never apart eternity all together
With none to oppose
I wish I were fucking dead
I should be fucking dead
I´m the monster
I´m the beast
I´m the one who killed his own
But yet somehow I am still free
I´m waiting immobilized in Erickson, sitting bolt upright with eyes wide open
His voice swirling, echoing, making promises without end

At 6:55 the 1170 to Winnipeg
Left the cold dark damp bench behind at last

At first I did not notice him lurking quietly, the enemy
The Lord prepared me for this
The blade unsheathed, plunged mechanically upon his extraterrestrial façade

I could not stop until the creature was destroyed
After all it was going to devour us all
Attempting to stop me, he fought, begged and bellowed
The other passengers did not understand me, they could not see
The obscene animal, the sacrilegious putrid being
Was plotting murder, there was no other way out

I then took of its head
To show them how wrong they were

Then I tasted a little piece
A morsel of his lying flesh
His ear nose and tongue
I place in my pocket
They are mine now
To savor
Yes daddy, please daddy
Bring us home another toy for us
Bring us home another slave

Sadly I´m incapable of satisfying you, my love
I will have to accept the truth of our situation
I have failed you I can´t contain you
So now I hae decided to let you go out and play

Find us another slut

Tied up in the basement she waits
Bound and gagged that´s where she´ll stay
Until our hunger returns
Creeping up and seeking to fright
Then we´ll sneak downstairs where a single bulb reveals her feint glow
Nodding back out from the noxious Halothane she´s ingested
Once again, and again, and again, and again

The perfect dose will knock them out
A bit too much will kill them cold so much more fun with the living
A slow heartbeat is always better than none

Don´t let her think she´ll ever escape
Hope allows them to put up such a fight
Tie her down, beak her will, leave her with absolutely nothing

I´ve set up the video camera now spread her legs and grab the rod
And plunge it deep inside of her, and don´t stop until you see blood
Ram that hole, her stinking cunt
Just like that, yes that´s right
Don´t stop now deeper still, she´s still awake
I love it when she screams

Look at what we´ve done, we´ve spoiled another one
Broken our new toy
I finally found the one, a perfect victim
His pale skin is flawless, I shake with excitement

He is mine now

I lured him back with me sly, smile filled with white teeth
Guaranteed ecstasy, trapped him inside my lair
That´s when I hit him and he blacked out
Perfect the time has now arrived

This video will make me a superstar at last
The years I have waited will come back ten fold
Tie the cocksucker down, test the lighting isn´t too bright
No second takes, here I must get everything just right
Turn on, the stereo and dive the ice pick inside him

Stab the flesh, rip it up, slash it raw
Fuck the gouged out bloody, slanted sockets until I cum

I have discovered
What heaven feels like
Oh what a mess I am left with

I dismember and then catalogue every part
His left foot, check
His left hand, check
His right foot, check
His right hand, check
His torso, check
And his head, check
Placed in boxes marked with bloody red heart

Time to clean up
Slowly I soak up his dark blood

The next day, I leave my place, pack up everything I own
Plan a safe getaway and hide whilst the frenzy unfolds
Smiling I watch
My name becomes common tongue, my face is everywhere
No, I do not regret a single fucking thing
I´m not closer to becoming a GOd
At first we were torn apart
By the totalitarian
Omnipresent regime
Forced to hide
Forced to wait
For a time to safely escape
We watched our families, being executed

Butchered and then buried, inches away
Our unexpected fortunes
Belittled by what would happen today

Alas, we were separated
But we later found each other
In the Promised Land

No sanctum

The unholy malignancy devoured them both so slowly
Our loved ones tortuously faded right before our eyes
With our hands linked tight

We somehow managed to endure

What began as a budding friendship
Began to blossom
A second wind prompted us
To begin again

And towards a new life we were thrust
To simple abode which we shared
But as the years trickled by
We were simply forgotten

Those whom we, sacrificed
So much for, had abandoned us

The curse of the wretched living

Our bodies began to whither
But at least we had each other
The painful memories
From our past
Made what would come
That much harder

A pact was born
A plan was set
Would eighteen floors
Be high enough

When the morning came
I helped her out from her chair
And held her hand
Taking in the late October air
We made our way
Up onto the railing
We embraced, one last time
And together we leapt to die

Bound in
Rigor Mortis
For all
At least until they pried us apart
Raised as a king
Silver spoon gaped mouth
Orgiastic prophecies proclaimed
That I, Davidito would be the heir apparent

Sired through God�s whore
Cultivated by Father�s harem
Eagerly fellated
Innocent young hands
Sowing, unholy seeds

A ritualistic communion

Revered and idolized
I was immortalized
The sacred scriptures condemned

The Children of God

My threshold depleted
Their ideals beyond sadistic
I then attempted to disassociate
Myself from The Family

I was discovered
Beckoned and beseeched
To once again
Don their crown
Wrathful obsessions
Retribution for the damned
Murder on the horizon
My patience was pristine

"Maybe fate will smile on me
God of war
God of revenge
Maybe they will grant me happy hunting
We shall see"

Finally a glint of reprieve
An inkling of hope
Inches closer to Mama
Inches closer to closure

Lips sealed tight
Torture may provoke
(A) Relevant confession
My device unveiled
A few swift jerks
Testing its potency
Her throat slashed
The frightened perplexed
Guiltless eyes faded out

Disillusioned in the backseat
Cold steel up against my temple
I close my eyes with such relief
And I squeeze to end the story
Of Davidito

"In some way some of us are gonna be around to see those fuckers burn."

Dragged in a simple white van
She couldn�t believe
This was happening

When she opened her
Mouth to scream
The soundless
Emissions bound her
Within his scheme
Dragged down into
The chasm below
She was deposited
Into the cell
That would now
Become her home

Darkness filled
Night and day
Circadian rhythm
Eventually began to wither away

Scratching, screaming and banging to be heard
Waiting for the man to return
Her meager daily rations
Caused her to disappear
Nothing left but her mounting fear

After a few years his confidence grew
Untethered she was brought above

Forced to work
As his secret slave
Tedious tasks
Kept her busy each day

Better not think to
Try and shout
He�d grab her by the throat
And quickly shush her out
The sad little man
So broken inside
Needed a little girl to groom to be his bride

Late at night he�d slitter towards her
She would hear him coming
And simply shiver

Complete control let him bring her outside
Into the world to hide in plain sight
Until the day she ran away
One mistake and she took the bait
The distraction that made him step aside
Finally gave her the chance to run
The weak little man had escaped as well
With his head on the tracks he was riding to Hell

She was then drawn
Back to where she
Bloomed from a child
To a woman
She moved slowly in order not to wake him
I reassured her this was the right decision

She tenderly slipped her hand
Underneath his sleeping head
But when she withdrew his weapon
He began to stir

Which caused her to recede

I lied down on the floor next to him

Nodded approvingly
For her to end this nightmare

The gun went off and chunks of skull splattered
Onto my face and all over her night gown
A frenzy broke out overhead

The media overran our tiny town
Wondering what would drive a youth to kill
He was a horrible man
He beat me bloody and tore us down
Tormented us with his presence
Controlling us every single moment

This had been going on for far too long
We tried to escape but he soon found us
And dragged us back to where we belonged

These are the laws of the flesh

The consequences of our crime
Brought to light our suffering
Our tiny home was a war zone
Where pain flourished