Fear His Displeasure
Letra de Fear His Displeasure
Dragged in a simple white van
She couldn�t believe
This was happening

When she opened her
Mouth to scream
The soundless
Emissions bound her
Within his scheme
Dragged down into
The chasm below
She was deposited
Into the cell
That would now
Become her home

Darkness filled
Night and day
Circadian rhythm
Eventually began to wither away

Scratching, screaming and banging to be heard
Waiting for the man to return
Her meager daily rations
Caused her to disappear
Nothing left but her mounting fear

After a few years his confidence grew
Untethered she was brought above

Forced to work
As his secret slave
Tedious tasks
Kept her busy each day

Better not think to
Try and shout
He�d grab her by the throat
And quickly shush her out
The sad little man
So broken inside
Needed a little girl to groom to be his bride

Late at night he�d slitter towards her
She would hear him coming
And simply shiver

Complete control let him bring her outside
Into the world to hide in plain sight
Until the day she ran away
One mistake and she took the bait
The distraction that made him step aside
Finally gave her the chance to run
The weak little man had escaped as well
With his head on the tracks he was riding to Hell

She was then drawn
Back to where she
Bloomed from a child
To a woman