Sire Of Sin
Letra de Sire Of Sin
Raised as a king
Silver spoon gaped mouth
Orgiastic prophecies proclaimed
That I, Davidito would be the heir apparent

Sired through God�s whore
Cultivated by Father�s harem
Eagerly fellated
Innocent young hands
Sowing, unholy seeds

A ritualistic communion

Revered and idolized
I was immortalized
The sacred scriptures condemned

The Children of God

My threshold depleted
Their ideals beyond sadistic
I then attempted to disassociate
Myself from The Family

I was discovered
Beckoned and beseeched
To once again
Don their crown
Wrathful obsessions
Retribution for the damned
Murder on the horizon
My patience was pristine

"Maybe fate will smile on me
God of war
God of revenge
Maybe they will grant me happy hunting
We shall see"

Finally a glint of reprieve
An inkling of hope
Inches closer to Mama
Inches closer to closure

Lips sealed tight
Torture may provoke
(A) Relevant confession
My device unveiled
A few swift jerks
Testing its potency
Her throat slashed
The frightened perplexed
Guiltless eyes faded out

Disillusioned in the backseat
Cold steel up against my temple
I close my eyes with such relief
And I squeeze to end the story
Of Davidito

"In some way some of us are gonna be around to see those fuckers burn."